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Chinese models
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Ah Zhu
Ah Zhu, a new post-95 model in the Mainland, birthday: 1997-08-20, zodiac sign: Leo, currently lives in Beijing. Azhu has taken many body art portraits, and once followed well-known photographers WANIMAL and LPVISION to shoot large-scale works and attracted countless fans, and then transferred to Xiuren. Ah Zhu's facial features are exquisite and her profile is invincible, her body is soft and S-shaped curves are uneven, she has a unique temperament and appearance that fits her temperament, and her shape is ever-changing. She is suitable for commercial shooting of various themes and atmospheres. She has cooperated with many photographers and shot Experience.
Works: 210
Little Ding
Xiao Ding (小丁こまち), a large-scale coser in Taiwan, birthday: February 10, 1999, constellation: Aquarius, Twitter account: @Small_PinkRose
Works: 118
Douniang Lishi
Dou Niang Lishi, real name Chen Ruoyi, birthday: 1999-01-16, from Shenzhen, Guangdong, popular Coser, graphic model, active on Weibo, Twitter and other social media, also for the well-known mainland photo agency "Showren.com" "Shooting many sets of works.
Works: 196
Meow Xiaoji
Explosive girl Miao Xiaoji, a sexy cosplayer in mainland China, who claims to be the number one ACG character hit.
Works: 91
Nian Nian
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Works: 111
Joey Lynn
Qiao Yilin, English name: Joylin, height: 168cm, measurements: B90 W65 H91, place of birth: Beijing, China, current residence: Beijing, and is currently the exclusive model of MISSLEG.
Works: 31
Yang Chenchen
Yang Chenchen, original name: Gu Xinxin, nickname: sugar sweetheart CC, a mainland plane model, has slender legs and a charming S figure, height: 170cm, measurements: B88 W65 H89, model of Wuhan Star Road Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd., showman Popular online model, Weibo quote: This blogger is so cute, don't flirt easily.
Works: 474
Miss Dong
Miss Understand, the No. 1 model of Late Night Project.
Works: 29
Wang Yuchun
Wang Yuchun, also known as Wang Yuchun, birthday: 1992-11-17, constellation: Scorpio, blood type: B, height: 170cm, measurements: B89 W64 H90, birth: Xicheng District, Beijing, China, popular model, push girl, and Dragon Ball anchor in China ( Room No. 760097), with jade-run muscles, undulating and moving, with a sweet and white smile.
Works: 334
Zhou Yuxi
Zhou Yuxi, nicknamed Little Fox Dummy, is a mainland graphic model and a live broadcast female anchor. She graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a female anchor of Beijing Redu Culture Media Co., Ltd. Quotations: There is no right choice at all, we can only rely on struggle to make the original choice appear right. Birthday: 1995-10-01 Constellation: Libra Height: 165 Measurements: B88 W60 H86 Born: Xuhui District, Shanghai, China Occupation: Graphic model, anchor Hobbies: Travel, fashion, art, food
Works: 361

Korean models
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Jena Sis
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Works: 29
Kang In Kyung
Jiang Renqing (Korean: 강인경, English: Kang In Kyung), nicknamed Ebichu, a popular Korean model, from Seoul Special City, birthday: 1997-07-29; height: 160cm; measurements: 90-58-88. Jiang Renqing has pretty short hair and a very ethereal temperament. She is well-known on the Internet and has many loyal fans. In addition, Jiang Renqing once used the name "Qingqing" to shoot sexy photo albums for institutions such as Xiuren.com in China.
Works: 55
Son Ye-Eun
Sun Lele (Son Ye-Eun, 손예은, Son Ye-eun), a Korean photo model and internet celebrity, was born in Busan on June 18, 1996.
Works: 38
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Works: 10
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Works: 11
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Works: 20
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Works: 11
Yoo Eun Young
Yoo Eun Young, Yu Eun-Yeong
Works: 3
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Works: 5
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Works: 4

Chinese Actresses
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Shen Nana
Shen Nana, a Taiwanese AV actress, a popular actress in Madou Media, was born in 1996. She is 166cm tall and weighs 40kg. She looks pure and has a sweet smile.
Works: 120
Works: 71
Doll sister (HongKongDoll), born in Shanghai, moved to Hong Kong with her parents since she was a child. She can speak fluent Cantonese. She is 167cm tall and weighs 48kg. She became popular on the Internet after her debut at the end of 2020.
Works: 131
Wu Mengmeng
Wu Mengmeng, a famous Taiwanese AV actress and model, is known as "Taiwan's No. 1 Actress". Wu Mengmeng was born in Taipei on July 27, 1990. Since 2019, she has shot pornographic videos with her boyfriend "Xiong Ji", who is an emergency physician, and published them on Taiwan's local adult platform SWAG. After leaving SWAG, Wu Mengmeng began to build a professional photography team to shoot adults. Feature films, in addition to being a producer, she also starred in most of the films she produced herself. In March 2022, Wu Mengmeng and her boyfriend "Xiong Ji" accepted an exclusive interview with the BBC Chinese website. She said that she gained a great sense of accomplishment from filming, but also mentioned the negative effects of filming pornographic videos on her.
Works: 134
Xia Qingzi
Xia Qingzi, AV actress signed by Madou Media, currently living in Taiwan, Twitter: https://twitter.com/summersunnybaby
Works: 129
P station certification up, sugar heart signed exclusive up, official website: https://yuzukitty.net
Works: 65
Su Chang
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Works: 41
Li Rongrong
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Works: 103
Qiaoben Xiangcai
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Works: 40
Meng Ruoyu
Meng Ruoyu, whose real name is Song Minhua, was born on January 6, 1992, a Taiwanese AV actress, with a height of 158 cm, a weight of 50 kg, and measurements of 36F, 26, and 36. Meng Ruoyu was originally a beautician, but because a friend entered the AV industry to make films, she joined the industry in January 2021. Meng Ruoyu is highly recognizable because of her large tattoos on her chest, and she has a pony figure with childish face and big breasts, so Obtained the title of "Dark Rainie Yang", and her well-known works are "MRT Crazy Man", "Yan Mu 1~6", "Adult Game" and so on.
Works: 147

Japanese Actressa
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Tsukasa Aoi
Tsukasa Aoi(葵つかさ / あおい つかさ), a Japanese AV actress, born 1990-8-14 in Osaka Prefecture (age: 34), height: 163cm, blood type: O, debut: 2010.
Works: 106
Shinoda Yuu
Shinoda Yuu(篠田ゆう / しのだ ゆう), a Japanese AV actress, born 1991-7-21 in Tokyo (age: 33), height: 155cm, blood type: O, debut: 2010.
Works: 100
Matsumoto Ichika
Matsumoto Ichika(松本いちか / まつもと いちか), a Japanese AV actress, born 2000-2-19 in Miyagi Prefecture (age: 24), height: 153cm, debut: 2019.
Works: 92
Yui Hatano
Yui Hatano(波多野結衣 / はたの ゆい), a Japanese AV actress, born 1988-5-24 in Okayama Prefecture (age: 36), height: 163cm, blood type: A, debut: 2008.
Works: 52
Yua Mikami
Yua Mikami(三上悠亞 / みかみ ゆあ), a Japanese AV actress, birthday: 1993-8-16 (age: 31), height: 159cm, blood type: A, debut: 2015.
Works: 47
Sannomiya Tsubaki
Sannomiya Tsubaki(三宮つばき / さんのみや つばき), a Japanese AV actress, birthday: 1998-5-4 (age: 26), height: 150cm, blood type: A, debut: 2020.
Works: 39
Houjou Maki
Houjou Maki(北條麻妃 / ほうじょう まき), a Japanese AV actress, born 1976-12-21 in Tokyo (age: 48), height: 168cm, blood type: AB, debut: 2006.
Works: 32
Yoshitaka Nene
Yoshitaka Nene(吉高寧々 / よしたか ねね), a Japanese AV actress, born 1995-12-1 in Hyogo Prefecture (age: 29), height: 155cm, debut: 2017.
Works: 30
Saika Kawakita
Saika Kawakita(河北彩花 / かわきた さいか), a Japanese AV actress, born 1999-4-24 in
{{Flagicon|千葉県}} (age: 25), height: 169cm, debut: 2018.
Works: 26
Morisawa Kana
Morisawa Kana(森沢かな / もりさわ かな), a Japanese AV actress, born 1992-5-9 in Tokyo (age: 32), height: 160cm, blood type: O, debut: 2012.
Works: 26

Japanese Actors
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Sadamatsu Daisuke
Sadamatsu Daisuke(貞松大輔 / さだまつ だいすけ), a Japanese AV actor, debut: 2005.
Works: 113
Yuuki Yuuya
Yuuki Yuuya(結城結弦 / ゆうき ゆうや), a Japanese AV actor, debut: 2015.
Works: 94
Massuru Sawano
Massuru Sawano(マッスル澤野 / まっする さわの), a Japanese AV actor, debut: 2017.
Works: 93
Samejima Kensuke
Samejima Kensuke(鮫島 / さめじま けんすけ), a Japanese AV actor, debut: 2010.
Works: 82
Kuroda Yuuto
Kuroda Yuuto(黒田悠斗 / くろだ ゆうと), a Japanese AV actor, born 1975-10-25 in Nagasaki Prefecture (age: 49), blood type: AB, debut: 1999.
Works: 74
Odagiri Jun
Odagiri Jun(小田切ジュン / おだぎり じゅん), a Japanese AV actor, birthday: 1978-1-12 (age: 46), height: 181cm, blood type: O, debut: 2002.
Works: 66
Takeda Daiki
Takeda Daiki(武田大樹 / たけだ だいき), a Japanese AV actor.
Works: 64
Isedon Uchimura
Isedon Uchimura(イセドン内村 / いせどん うちむら), a Japanese AV actor, born 1987-7-29 in Gunma Prefecture (age: 37), height: 180cm, blood type: O.
Works: 60
Nojima Se-ya
Nojima Se-ya(野島誠 / のじま まこと), a Japanese AV actor, debut: 2008.
Works: 58
Yoshimura Taku
Yoshimura Taku(吉村卓 / よしむら たく), a Japanese AV actor, born 1970-7-23 in Saitama Prefecture (age: 54), height: 168cm, blood type: AB, debut: 1993.
Works: 56

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Hsu Chi
Shu Qi, whose real name is Lin Lihui, is a Taiwanese movie star and model, born on April 16, 1976 in Xindian District, New Taipei City. Shu Qi's family was poor in her early years. When she was in middle school, she stopped her studies because of her family's poverty. At the age of 16, she signed a contract with Taiwan's Babylon Company to be a model and advertising girl, and she also took photos. In 1995, Shu Qi, Ke Junxiong, and Li Lili starred in the feature film "Spirit and Desire" directed by Wen Anxiong, which was his film debut. On September 3, 2016, he announced his marriage to Hong Kong actor and director Fung Delun.
Works: 6
Zhang Jinyu
Zhang Jinyu, a female reporter of China Police Network, often appears on the camera to report public security news, and is known as "the most beautiful policewoman". Zhang Jinyu took an indecent selfie video with Lu Yang (pseudonym: Lu Zhiyue), a male executive of the mainland new energy company Linuorite Group, in 2022. It was uploaded to the Internet in July and attracted widespread attention from Chinese at home and abroad.
Works: 1
Rachel Lee
Li Lizhen (English name: Rachel Lee), a Hong Kong actress, was born in Hong Kong on January 8, 1966. Her parents are Indonesian Chinese. In 1998, she changed her name to Li 㛤 Zhen, and later changed her real name to Li Lizhen. In 1993, in order to make a breakthrough in his career, he took over the filming of the three-level films "The Spirit of Love" and "When the Peach Is Ripe", which became famous for a while. Among them, "When the Peach Is Ripe" had a box office of 12 million Hong Kong dollars. ; In the same year, she also took over the filming of the TVB TV series "Xia Nv You Long", and signed a contract with Warner Music Hong Kong to release the theme song "Shouldn't Miss You Anymore" and another single "My Heart Will Not Change". song.
Works: 4
Tang Wei
Tang Wei, a mainland Chinese actress, was born on October 7, 1979 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. She graduated from the Directing Department of the Central Academy of Drama and made her TV debut in 2004. In 2006, Tang Wei became famous for her role as the heroine Wang Jiazhi in the film "Lust, Caution" directed by Ang Lee. In 2014, Tang Wei married Korean director Kim Tae-yong, and the two have a daughter.
Works: 2
Vivian Hsu
Vivian Hsu (Atayal: Bidai Syulan, real name Hsu Shujuan) was born on March 19, 1975 in Fengyuan City, Taichung County. Her father is a Hakka in Mei County, Guangdong, and her mother is an aboriginal Atayal in Taiwan. The early 1990s was the heyday of Hong Kong's erotic tertiary films. Vivian Hsu, who was originally an innocent idol, was also reshaped at this time. After filming the erotic movie "Angel Heart" and the erotic photo album of the same name, her popularity increased greatly.
Works: 3
Qi Wei
Qi Wei, an amphibious star of film and television songs in mainland China, was born on October 26, 1984 in Chengdu, Sichuan.
Works: 2
Ili Cheng
Zheng Jiachun, formerly known as Zheng Jiazhen, stage name Chicken Paimei, changed her name to Zheng Caiyun, a Taiwanese artist, born in New Taipei City. She became popular in early 2012 when she appeared in a promotional video for a chicken chop shop, and then launched her acting career. On November 2, 2022, he announced his marriage to Japanese doctor Akira on Facebook. The next day, it was revealed that he had declared a total annual income of only 240,000 yuan in 2021, but purchased a 60 million yuan mansion in Da'an District, Taipei City, causing controversy.
Works: 1
Yu Yi
From the evening to early morning of July 14, 2015, 1 minute and 11 seconds of obscene videos were widely circulated on Weibo and other online platforms, earning them the nicknames 'Uniqlo Video' and 'Samlitun Uniqlo Video'. The content of the video shows a young man and woman engaging in explicit sexual acts in a dressing room, and the conversation between the men and women in the video is so ambiguous that it is difficult to hear clearly. In the photo, the man and woman are facing mirrors in the dressing room, and the woman with long brown curly hair is posing with her top top off and pants down to her knees. , Calmly holding a mobile phone to film the process of two people having sex. Afterwards, it was revealed that the suspected heroine had a WeChat conversation with her best friend. In the conversation, the heroine denied that she and her heroine were lovers, and the two had only briefly met. However, based on the location in the video and the voice of the shopping guide outside the dressing room, some netizens assumed that the incident had occurred in a Uniqlo fitting room in Sanlitun, Beijing. The Weibo account broke the news that the man Hou Tianxu and the woman Yu Yi in the video are both Beijing Union University Business School students, and posted their Weibo numbers. The woman later posted a post on Weibo admitting that she was the heroine in her video. On the evening of July 15, 2015, Beijing police arrested and investigated five people, including the male and female protagonists of the Uniqlo obscene video. In 2018, Yui, the person in charge, appeared on Douyin and danced while holding a voluptuous belly while pregnant, sparking controversy among netizens.
Works: 1
Cheng Jiamei
Cheng Jiamei (November 10, 1974 -), a Japanese actor, whose real name is Nomoto Mihono (Nomoto Mihono), changed her name to Nomoto Miho (Nomoto Miho) in 1998, and later went to Hong Kong and Taiwan to develop in the third-tier film market, taking the Chinese name Cheng Caramel.
Works: 2
Hao Lei
Hao Lei, born on November 1, 1978 in Dongchang District, Tonghua City, Jilin Province, is an actress from Mainland China and graduated from the Performance Department of Shanghai Theater Academy. She is 167cm tall.
Works: 1

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Amateur Fisherman
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Works: 12
Fan Xuehui
Fan Xuehui, born in Harbin in 1966, is a freelance photographer. He planned and organized the first and second Heilongjiang Province Excellent Human Photography Exhibitions. Since 2007, as the main photographer of METCN Meet China, he has photographed a large number of outstanding works and successfully launched body art works of outstanding mannequins such as Zhang Xiaoyu and Tang Fang.
Works: 481
Yellow S
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Works: 25
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Works: 16
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Works: 8
Ling Fan
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Works: 15
Ed Mosaic
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Works: 50
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Works: 38
Guo Ge
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Works: 52
Shinoyama Kishin
Shinoyama Kishin (Japanese: 篠山 紀信/しのやま きしん), born on December 3, 1940, is a Japanese photographer.
Works: 42