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Featured comments

User from U.S.commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Xiao ShuangThe photos were taken as colonoscopy and gynecological examination
User from U.S.commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Liu BingThe temperament is indeed like Zhao Jinmai, the type of girl next door. But the figure is better than Zhao Jinmai. Zhao Jinmai's breasts are too small, about the size of a small orange, but this one has two pairs of big buns. However, Zhao Jinmai's butt is still okay, pretty and perky. This model is also okay, but Zhao Jinmai's butt is only seen when she is wearing clothes. However, even with clothes, the breasts are obviously small.
User from ChinacommentedTang AnqiTang Anqi used to have some nude photos, but since she started dating Zhai Mengmeng, there is nothing interesting about them anymore. Zhai Mengmeng, get out of XiuRen.com
User from GermanycommentedWang Yashan is meAmong the newcomers on XiuRen now, except for Chen Xiaohua who is a little better, the others are all photoshopped to a mess. It’s better to watch Ai instead of watching these…
耶穌激凸commentedTang LingA distinctive woman is hard to bear to look at. No wonder the photographer complains that he has been unmotivated at work recently and cannot regain the enthusiasm of the past.
User from U.S.commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: XiaojiuThis girl is very dedicated to her work, and most importantly, she is very beautiful. She is so bold right from the start. I like those who work hard and conscientiously to benefit the general public, and I hate those who skirt the line and only think about being kept by rich men.
User from ChinacommentedBecause of the typhoon, the flight was cancelled.....My wife is a flight attendant. Before we got married, we often had group sex with the pilot in the hotel whenever we had an overnight flight. I heard that at most there were 5 men and 2 women at a time. It was very exciting.
承禮commentedThe woman who seduced the Japanese lieutenantIn the comment area, some viewers have already put themselves into the role of the Japanese lieutenant, which shows that Mr. Shen's work is well shot and makes people immersed in the play.
User from HongkongcommentedThe seductive sister in 100D thick stockings gives...There is a sister in the department next to me who likes to wear this kind of thick black stockings. She often takes them off when she goes to the toilet during the season change and holds them in her hands. My eyes are straightened when I see them. Later, I bought 100D pantyhose for my girlfriend and myself, cut holes in them and do it together.
User from HongkongcommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Beiwu TongtongI have bought a lot of sets of pictures from Xiweishe in a private house. The price is expensive but the quality is really poor, the clarity is very poor, and many pictures are blurred and can't be seen clearly
User from U.S.commentedTaobao model NiniThe quality of the newly added models has been getting higher and higher. I don’t know if it’s because the operation and technical capabilities of the pornographic books have improved, or because the economy is not so good and the girls can’t find good jobs and have started selling themselves again.
User from CanadacommentedUnknown Chinese model large-scale private photo sh...These unknown models dare to take more revealing photos, which are much better than those rubbish XIUREN and its so-called subsidiaries!
User from ChinacommentedUnknown Chinese model large-scale private photo sh...The final development paths of these nude models are different but end up in the same place. They start out with private photo shoots and eventually move to photography agencies like XiuRen. If they become famous, these would be their black material. This is the case for Dilmurat, Eunice, and Daji.
User from U.S.commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Liu BingThis woman took such a large-scale erotic picture when she just debuted. It is hard to imagine the scale of her future. It’s a pity that she retired from the circle, otherwise we can see the physical changes of this woman from a girl to a young woman.
User from ChinacommentedFujisawa Ten: Hot room 1Wow, it's great. Today is the first day of the Qingming Festival holiday, and Sister Teng's third private video has been updated! It feels like Sister Teng's most youthful private video! At 1:32 and 1:37, Sister Teng put her feet on the steps of the bed and accidentally took pictures of Sister Teng's private parts. It's much more natural than those photographers who like to deliberately stare at there. Sister Teng's private parts are very natural and artistic. The petals are also very tightly closed. She should not have had any sexual experience. I personally think that she is the most natural and youthful student model that Teacher Fan has ever photographed!
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