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用户1291039574commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: FenglinBack then, this face was what I liked best, so I found a girlfriend who looked about 70% similar to her, and then worked hard every day, sweating like rain and spending all my energy on her!! A few years have passed until today, and seeing her is like seeing my girlfriend~~~Amitabha!
User from TaiwancommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: XiaoduoI took photos of her in the studio last year. I like models with a little more flesh. I didn't have a deep impression of her at the time, but the porn friends above can still tell the Douyin account and which car show model it is. I really admire your experience and vision.
User from JapancommentedWife cheating on her husband and answering the pho...One time, when I was having sex with my mistress, she received a call from a colleague. She answered the call for about 10 minutes and recorded it. After she hung up, she listened to it with me to analyze whether the other party heard it... But she didn't dare to answer her husband's call while having sex. She had to take it out before she dared to answer it. I usually sat next to her and pinched her pink nipples. I would definitely scold her as soon as I hung up the phone...
User from ThailandcommentedUnknown Chinese model private photo setChinese model Xiaoyan, this set of pictures was taken 10 years ago. Every time her husband mentions these pictures, he feels like he has been cheated on, but he can't help but get hard. It's really shameful~
User from ChinacommentedFujisawa Ten: Girl on sofaThe action in Figure 18 is really amazing! She is so flexible. I seem to have seen Fujisawa Tian pose such a difficult pose in metcn! But she has a lot of hair. I like her hair. She is really sexy and has the representative beauty of oriental women. I saw what the people below said. However, in Figure 18, even though her legs are spread so wide, you can still only see a little bit of closed petals. This shows that the model is really young, healthy and youthful! She is really a student and should not have had any sexual experience. Her body is completely different from those wild models! It shows the youth, pure and natural beauty of the human body!
User from U.S.commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: XiaoduoOh my god! Isn't this the beauty from my high school class? You can tell by the tattoo on her chest "forever17". She got it when she was 17 years old, and it caused a sensation in the whole school! I pursued her for more than a year, but she ignored me and was so proud! How did she fall to this point now, stripping naked and spreading her pussy for people to see! I never thought she could do such a thing! But it's good, I finally saw her naked body, I don't know how many times I fantasized about it back then, it can be regarded as a wish come true! But her breasts are still as small as ever, it feels like they haven't grown in all these years.
User from CanadacommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: JiuerThis is a set of pictures that Jiuer posted on guomo88 in 2019. As an early paid VIP, this set of pictures has been stored in my hard drive for 7 years. I didn’t expect it to be leaked today.
User from ChinacommentedUnknown Chinese model large-scale private photo sh...This makeup artist must have been hired from an urban-rural fringe area. The nose shadow, eye bags and eyebrows are not natural at all. Such a good model foundation has been ruined.
User from U.S.commentedTang Fang: Special ReleaseThe model's eyebrows have the charm of traditional women, gentle and beautiful. Under the natural light, her body is white, soft and smooth, with the gentleness of a lady from a noble family. However, her naked body and the embellishment of thick pubic hair between her legs add a touch of the charm of a young woman next door, which makes people feel excited when they peek at her.
User from U.S.commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Nan ZhiSF has updated a lot of Huang Fu's works. Huang Fu's theme is outdoor exposure, but the style is always lacking. At the beginning, I gave him a bad review for the backlighting. The heroines are all amateurs, and their styles are also relatively simple. As long as they are paired with stockings, high heels and short skirts, any one of them can show the charm of the heroine. It's a pity for Huang You
User from HongkongcommentedBlue clothes, long legs, high-value girlAnyone who works hard for a living deserves respect!!! They have paid too much, and they have endured too much pressure and accusations from this society, which is unreasonable. . .
User from HongkongcommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: XinaKe Er from Luka Studio (x: Shutter Luka) took a set of photos at the end of 2023. So some people say that the dates of some of the photos are too new recently, maybe they are wrong, but it’s not true. Under the current economic situation, more and more people go to the adult entertainment industry and mix in the private photography circle to increase their status. To some extent, it can be regarded as a kind of professional photo. 😅
用户4526926214commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: Xiaoyu (Wang Le)There are three sets of photos in the site that have not been integrated yet, namely "Xiaoyu", "Wang Le", and "Xiao Le". To be honest, I used to like Wang Le's outdoor photos, and I thought she was pretty. But Xiaoyu's photos are really ugly, I closed it after seeing a few photos. I didn't expect it was the same person, the difference is like heaven and earth...
TTTT123commentedNude photo set of Chinese model: XimoAn American netizen said something quite interesting. This amateur level actually creates a certain kind of earthy temperament. It makes you feel like you took the photo yourself.
User from SwedencommentedNude photo set of Chinese model: You ZiThe ancient works in 2010, I remember that at that time, the Edison Chen incident in 2008 had just passed, and the Fengjiao incident of the female guest of If You Are the One in 2009 exposed the Chinese model private photo circle to the public for the first time. It turns out that this is how the photographer does one-on-one private photos, and then I saw the classic Bingbing Yanzi glasses photographer set of photos later.
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